Make the beats that make your heart beat:

We may hear various types of beats and sounds in every day of our regular routine. Some of them may be too much ordinary but some of them can also touch our heart and made the mind fulfill and also inspire us to more to hear that again and again. However, as everyone has a unique choice and likings of their own, so, it can’t be said very surely which beats is going to win your heart or which are going to irritate you the most. Everything is uncertain before your choice.

make the beat heart

But some things should be kept in your mind while making a beat and you need the best beat making software that-

  • Express yourself
  • Take the first step confidently.
  • Listen the other beats and songs again and again
  • Go forward step by step.
  • Don’t ignore a single beat that you have made before.

Express yourself:

Some of the people are particularly made by the God, who may contain a very melodious voice or God gifted creativity that may inspire them to create unique songs and beats also. Many talents may be spread, but many talents can be hidden inside them. But if they try their best to share or publish their most special talents in front the others, then the other people also can have an experience of their talents and choices too. It is certainly a great pride to the song or beats maker. NO one can compete with the powerful skills of the other.

Take the first step confidently:

It’s obviously not acceptable for you to lag behind before you steps up. Just be confident that “yes, I can do it better than other”. This concept will help you the most in your every part of your life. It is also remarkable whenever you are thinking about making a beat. Just try to make it own self. If the other people, who may contain the same category or requirements like you, then why will you not able to make a single beat like them? Just try it confidently and get the result in later.

Listen the other beats and songs again and again:

However, this point can’t be overlooked that, without knowing or hearing the basic concept of some steps of making a beat. A random sound obviously can’t be a beat. So, listen to the other songs and beats carefully to know which steps are essential for making a specific beat. Listen and practice the beats whenever you get chance and time. By doing these two things, one day you can be approved as a great beat maker who can expose a very unique beat among the all. Continue reading

Tips and ideas for  Buying Freezers

How many of us have time today for real cooking and giving our family nutritious healthy meals. Very few indeed.

The end of the work day comes, you are on your way home you stop and pick up burgers or get a pack of hot dogs and rolls,  or some tin of something or whatever. Before you know it you and your family could be joining the millions of obese people around the world just from eating junk foods.

Have you ever thought that by feeding you and your family junk foods that not only are you promoting obesity, you are depriving them of good nourishment (brain food)  it doesn’t matter how old you are “you are what you eat”.

We have the perfect answer for you as in why not buy  a freezer and do the cooking for a month or two in one day. Involve the whole family, especially in the chopping up and washing up. When you come home at night all you have to do is take a meal out, pop it into the microwave and very quickly you will have a super healthy meal on the table.

Best Freezers

What Type of Freezer to choose.

There are still only 2 types of freezers for the home the chest and the upright.

Chest Freezer.


  • They are far cheaper than the upright.
  • They are best for storing items that tend to be bulky.
  • Very energy efficient, therefore lower operating costs
  • Available in many sizes.
  • Can be locked.
  • A power light that indicates the freezer is working.


  • They take up space and off course need room for opening the top.
  • Difficult to clean.
  • They do not have a fan, so this limits air circulation which means that it could  cause the temperatures not to adjust evenly throughout. This could cause some foods to go off.
  • Difficult to be able to rotate and retrieve foods
  • Manual Defrost
  • Bending to get to the items.

Upright Freezers.


  • Far easier to clean, organizing and storing food and finding it quickly.
  • More storage space.
  • Far easier to clean.
  • Freezer light
  • Bins on the doors.
  • Baskets that slide out
  • Can be Locked.
  • Quick Freezing
  • There is normally an alarm which alerts if the inside temperature becomes too warm.


  • Cost more than the chest type.
  • No power on light.

 Tips for Buying a Freezer.

  • Buy yourself a freezer thermometer. It pays you to have one so as it stops odors transferring, freezer burn and foul tasting food.
  • Always consider what you want to store in the freezer.
  • Measure your space carefully.
  • Decide which freezer will be best for you as in chest type or upright.
  • Check that the hinges are heavy duty
  • Check that is Energy Star rated for getting lower energy costs.
  • Does it have a seamless interior as this makes for easier cleaning
  • Fast Freeze section. This is very useful if you have bought frozen foods out and they are starting to defrost.
  • Check for magnetic door gaskets. This really helps to ensure that the door closes automatically.
  • Check that you have easy access to the controls. This is important as some controls are inside and far back in the unit that you need to move a lot of food for access. The best is if the controls are on the exterior front. If the controls are on the exterior back of the unit consider that moving the unit is not good for it.
  • Read the fine print in the warranty

If you don’t have a freezer it really would be an idea to invest in one, as it can save you time and money. Less trips to the supermarket, savings on specials and better meals for your family. However, don’t fall into the trap that whatever is left over of putting it into the freezer as the chances are you will end up later throwing it away. Be sensible with using your freezer.

Happy Freezing and better meals.

Finding the Right Home Equipment that Fits You

Let’s keep it real. Nobody wants to keep chunky machines in the corner of their bedroom. How can you even choose the right machine when you don’t even know which equipment to use first?

There are many to choose from, yet there are things one must consider before spending hundreds— even thousands of dollars on the wrong machine. It is important to set realistic goals, and start from there on what you want to achieve. You might want to have toned bodies, or you may opt to simply lose weight, the choice is yours.


Here is a guide to different home equipment that can aid you in achieving your goals, along with its pros and cons:

Treadmill- The Endurance Buddy

This is a staple in every gym at any given place. Running is a great way to lose weight, and it is also a healthy option which steers you clear from different diseases. This also has a great pain-reliving effect.

The secret behind the many wonders of the treadmill is it is an aerobic exercise, which is easy enough for most people, but very efficient. It allows you to strengthen muscles and develop stamina and endurance. When aerobic exercises are performed, it causes an increase in heart rate, allowing the body to lose weight in a while.

Some of the reasons why the treadmill is such a great home equipment include:

  • Easy to use– Anyone can simply punch the desired adjustments and just have fun while running at home.
  • Safe- Without being outdoors, you can enjoy running without having to worry about anything, like being on a difficult trail or a busy sidewalk.
  • Controllable- You can adjust the controls, such as speed and distance, according to your preference.
  • Tracks progress- progress done over the treadmill can be saved in order to see the improvement done during the workout.

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Handy guide in choosing a refrigerator

  • Are you looking for the right kind of refrigerator that will suit your needs? Well then, you’ve come to the right place where you can get some ideas on the right refrigerator to suit your needs.
  • Refrigerator is one of the essential appliances to have in your kitchen to have functional living. It is important to have it in every household for food storage and to keep our fruits, meats, and vegetables fresh.
  • Purchasing a refrigerator takes some time to do. First, you must consider your living space. Know how big or small your area is before purchasing one.
  • Internet marketing have never been more helpful especially during these times. You can easily search for refrigerators online and read product reviews of different brands. There is a lot to consider though I would say most of it are personal preference really.

best refridgerator

  • Think of all the functions that you would want your refrigerator to have. Some of the examples are: do you want a self-defrost refrigerator or a manual one?, would you want to have an icemaker or not?
  • There are also people who shop not according to their personal preference but more on price. If you are shopping on a budget, I would suggest you to narrow down your search on product reviews. Usually they have filters where you can choose according to price and model.
  • The more people who reviewed the product, the better. This gives you an insight how many customers were satisfied upon their purchase of the product. You’ll also know what are the pros and cons in buying one.
  • Most people also tend to go with brand names as they have been in the market long and their products are reliable. One of the culprits online are fraudulent marketers who sells non-brand products but appears to be a copy of a good and reliable product. I’ve seen several people fall into these traps and end up regretting their purchase and not having their money back.

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Tips on Buying an Air Conditioner.

Today  with many new technologies, many changes have been brought about with air conditioners. The air conditioner  now has several purposes from purifying air to controlling humidity.

How Does an Air Conditioner work?

 Air conditioners basically work on a principle known as phase conversion. When the liquid converts to gas it absorbs heat so in the absence of heat the room is then able to cool the room, causing the air conditioner to circulate cool air evenly around the room.

The liquid used in the unit is known as a refrigerant.

The parts in an air conditioner are a compressor, the condenser coil an evaporator, an air filter, a fan and the drainage system.  Please make sure that these parts are not some cheap version put into the unit just to keep the price down. You can always request to see these parts or inquire whether they were made in the factory or brought in from outside country.

Please make sure that these parts are easily available.


What Types of Aircons are there?

 Window AC.

 This type is normally placed in a window or a hole can be made in a wall for it.

  • You will require a steel frame  just outside the window or wall to mount it. Normally a little roof to cover the top of it from rain is a good idea.
  • It is very economical to run, but please make sure of the size of your room before purchasing.
  • It has a very nice feature that once your room is cool you can turn it to the fan position which will still give you a few hours of a cool room which will cut down your electricity cost.

Split AC.

  • The Split AC comes with two sections. One section is placed inside the room and the other part being the condenser is placed outside.
  • This type of AC is far quieter inside the room.

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